Why I'm blogging...more


So I'm currently at my local doctor's surgery getting the obligatory 28 week pregnancy glucose test. Obligatory because diabetes runs in my family, therefore a test is compulsory during pregnancy. It's 9am, blood has been taken, I had been instructed to fast since 10pm last night, and it's two hours until I can eat, after my bloods are taken AGAIN.

S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G preggo monster is an understatement!

I've not shared much personal information about myself online. I've not felt comfortable  sharing much up until now. It's not to say that I don't enjoying sharing and conversing back and forth with friends, swapping life moments, victories and war wounds, but the internet is a different beast altogether isn't it? It's a little like me standing up in this packed doctors surgery I'm sitting in and sharing the stories of my life to a willing yet opinionated audience. And it's the opinionated bit that has often shaken me. At the best of times one opens up about ones life to an understanding ear. Someone who likely already understands abit about you, and therefore listens or sees through that loving lens.  

I read a good few blogs, and watch some vlogs, and the comments section can brutal! However I've seen and follow individuals and families who handle it so well.  Their sharing has provided laughs, insight, encouragement, and a kind of comraderie that I've come to value.  I've learnt life lessons from people I will probably never meet, and have received enough light to move forward on the darkest of days, from a blog entry that spoke directly into my secret pain. 

I think the blog world is fun and significant.  I actually wanted to say important instead of significant, but that seemed too strong, even though I actually feel like blogging can be just that.  Anyway I've been wanting to jump in with both feet for a long time, and I've decided to just do it.  Although I've blogged for a few years, I would love it to become a more central outlet.  

I welcome all interaction, good and not so good, it comes with this beautiful territory for which I excitedly bound into.

So hi. My name is Bianca Rose. I'm a wife of almost 5 years to my handsome husby Kenny, mother to the endlessly vivacious Ava, and soon to be mum of two under three! Outside of my family and my faith, I am discovering the things that make me feel alive.  All involve using my creativity in some way, and I'm enjoying the journey, and learning to embrace all the amazingness I was born with.


Let's do this 😀