“To children, the world and everything in it is new,

something that gives rise to astonishment.

It is not like that for adults.

Most adults accept the world as a matter of course.”

Jostein Gaarder

Life changed again a few weeks ago with the arrival of our darling Liora.  What a cataclysmic blessing children are, and we don't for a second take for granted the epicness of the occasion.

The newness and mysticism of childbirth is in no way dimmed the second time around.  In fact the sensing that this is an unquestioning miracle is much more apparent.  More notably, the realisation that there is a design to this thing we call life, is all the more undeniable.

Even more miraculous is the stretching of my hearts capacity to, in an instant, love another human being so completely and so all encompassingly, that I would do the greatest, or most difficult thing in a nanosecond, should this little life require it.

Second time around, sleeplessness, thankfully hurts a little less...albeit marginally.

Second time around, I am all too aware how fast the days fly by, and how much these little ones change in every 24 hour timespan.  There is hardly enough time to commit the moments to memory, therefore soaking up this precious newness with my eyes and heart wide open is a vital necessity.  

I'm all to aware that in a heartbeat, all I'll be left with of this time are the countless photos taken, and the gloriously fuzzy memories of these momentous, sleep deprived days.