People Who Inspire #1

Shameless Maya

This Chick.  Seriously she's just amaze.  From where her Youtube channel started until today, I mean YAAASSSSS honey!  I can completely relate to this woman.  Self promotion is mad, and makes me feel kinda sicky really.  Being in the music industry and generally in the creative arena, self promotion seems to kind of go with the territory, but I haven't found a way to do it without feeling icky.  Is there something wrong with me or is there something wrong with it.  Hmmmm... Answers on a postcard welcome.  And check out Maya! 


Maya's blurb: 

What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for a year? Ever wonder how to gain confidence? How to get over social anxiety? This is my 365 day journey of shameless self promotion that helped me gain strength to overcome my fears and gain confidence.

Jake Isaac

I mean this dude is just DOING it right now!  His new EP Warchild is banging.  His grind is banging.  This video is BANGING!

I love what he stands for and I love the authenticity of his sound.  I mostly love seeing peeps make progress and do well. 

Truths and Tiny Tragedies


As we plan for the release of my debut album, I'm getting my affairs in order.  Long overdue I know, but my first ever recording, 'Truths and Tiny Tragedies', is now up on the site and available for download here.  Yay!