I've recently been challenged to forgive in a deeper way, for things that are to me, some of the deepest hurts and pains.  I've been challenged to forgive daily for things that I can't with my naked eye, and even through the eyes of my imagination, see changing - at least for the foreseeable future.  


I know unforgiveness damages me so much more than it does the other person.  I know that I need forgiveness daily for my own shortcomings and crazy, even unforgivable behaviour.  I believe that what you sow, you will eventually reap, and I need  to reap forgiveness in my life. Every single day of my life. 


With all that I know, true forgiveness still often feels like the most impossible thing to do.  Wounds seem insurmountable.  The past unerasable.   

For me I come back to this: I have been forgiven for the worst of the worst things I have, am, or will ever do.  I live from a place of knowing that to my Father, there is nothing I can do that is unforgivable.  I live in the realm of the second chance.   

I live in a place were the impossible is infact possible.  And with this in mind (or in heart).  I don't know how I'll do it, but I know I can forgive.  Every single time.