So I've finally finished recording my new album!! Whoop!  I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  This project, working title 'No Fear Here', is a long time coming.  I took such a long break from creating music, and this collection of songs are the first I wrote after coming out of that season.  

It's so strange though, because I feel as though I've moved on and grown alot since writing these songs, and they don't really reflect where I am now.  I'm glad I've documented that season of my life in song, but now the hard work starts; Creating an interesting way of putting it out and presenting it to you all!  I have so many ideas, and I'm determined not to rush the process. 

I start a residency next month which I'm very excited about!  Working on acoustic versions of my new songs, as well as some fun covers - Fun, fun, fun!  If you'd like to come along, click here.