Photoshoot Makeup: Dressing up & painting faces

So this happened a few weeks ago...

My bestie Bobbi Kumari, founder of Living In Light asked me to be the makeup artist and stylist for their SS14 collection. 

The Maharani collection that Bobbi has created is really bold and vibrant, so the styling, and more importantly the make up had to compliment this.  I did alot of research into the best makeup to use for photoshoots, I watched allloooooooottt of makeup tutorials on YouTube, then I put on my big girl pants and prayed!

And the day went soooooo well!  The team was amazing, the models gorgeous, and the weather, perfect!  We had very little time for each part of the day, especially the make-up, but it all worked out amazingly and added to the thrill of the ride.  Anyhoos, the proof is in the pudding and the shots far exceeded my expectations. 

I'm really learning to dive right into the creative opportunities that really excite me.  Who knows where it all will lead, or if I'll ever do something like this again.  I hope so.  Either way it was a really exciting day in the life of this creative girlie!

Purchase one of Bobbi's beautifully unique pieces here > Living In Light Shop