Put First Things First

A timely reminder for me today, from the phenomenal Denzel Washington.  I love listening to the stories and lessons learnt from successful people.  I seek these out.  From CS Lewis to GK Chesterton.  To Kenneth Hagin, Churchill, Francine Rivers, Oprah, or Heidi Baker.  These are personal mentors I may never meet, but impact my life beyond measure.  I hear the voice of the One in them, but there truly is nothing like putting God first in my life, and following His intimate, personal direction for myself.  Success without this is no success at all.

Also I'm seven days away from my due date!  Seven days people! Until we meet our beautiful new addition, and honestly, getting my body back!  SOOOO ready!

Hoping this spring season is full of newness and creativity for you all.

Big Love


Fill Your Ears

Fill Your Ears
Fill Your Ears

By Ben Giles

I love this about Music.

When it is created and then shared with pure motives, it is like the releasing of beautiful birds born to explore far flung skies, or the throwing of multicoloured confetti on that fateful, life altering day.

I love it when Music is expressed with the hope [not the expectation] of appreciation.

I love it when the releasing of a Sound gives wings to both the creator and the created.