"One Good Thing About Music..."

'...when it hits you, you feel no pain."

Bob Marley penned a fabulous classic with a sentiment I always held to be true until recently.

As a music lover and maker, I have found very few things that can provide the sweet, pure, catch-less joy that music can. The discovery of a new sound, the first cut of a piercing lyric, or the fuzzy glow of a well-worn but never tired classic are moments we were all born to experience over and over again.

However despite all this, I must admit that I recently experienced music related pain.  After fully immersing myself in the business of making and sharing music, I stepped away. Indefinitely.

I was soooo not prepared for the pain of such a loss, and after passing through all the stages of grief, answering all most of my deep, secret questions, I came full circle, and am back in the bosom of a great love.

So for me, music hit and I felt pain, but it must have been a pain worth experiencing, because here I am....again. xx