Throwback Thursday #2

'Rainy Nights', performed for Playstation London a few years ago.  I wrote this song as my ode to London. The London I love.  

Rainy nights in London town

Don't know if he's crying cos I'm looking at the ground

There's a sea of umbrellas floating away from me

A dusty chessboard in an old shop window

A red and white Cheshire on a high brick wall

There's a million faces in a million streets and me.


I LOVED writing this song! x

Throwback Thursday #1

This is a REAL throwback. All the way to 2007, and the launch of Truths and Tiny Tragedies. I was so nervous, not sure how I got the sound to come out of my mouth in a manner that didn't scare everyone away, but I'm grateful it did. Grateful for all the support that night. Grateful to share my recording to a sold out show. And grateful that all the hard work came together to create memories I'll cherish forever. 

As I look forward to future musical moments, and make plans to share new music, I'm thankful for my history. When faced with new challenges and daunting experiences, ones history becomes a great source of encouragement. Positive historical experiences say that if I've done it before, I can do it again.  

I'll be sharing more throwback Thursdays of the musical variety over the next few weeks, so please feel free to check back for more!