Tune Thursday

This song speaks to deep things inside of me. The lyrics speak of a man with a dream who stepped out on the water, despite the fact that the tide was against him.  Everyone and everything seemed to oppose him, but he decided to try and live the dream in his heart anyways, and guess what? He did it. 

Now his friends bring him up when they're drinking

At the bar with his name on the side

And they smile when they can

As they speak of a man

Who took a homemade, fan-blade, one man submarine ride.


John Mayer's songwriting hits me over and over again. And one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. X

Tune Thursday

Well Two Tunes Thursday actually.

My good friend Lanré's new song and video has had my attention lately.  I love the concept. How the amazing floating ribbons are somehow leading her home.  The nostalgic, dreamy way the whole video has been shot. All of that makes for a wonderful marriage of both song and visual. Well done L!


Another great song and visual marriage, this time by Midé. 'Windchimes' taken from his latest album E.G. is a super catchy, warming tune, and the simple visuals, beautifully shot are so so good. Shameless Plug Alert: I co-wrote and sang on a song from E.G. entitled 'I Will Wait', another reason to check him out me thinks. 

Tune Tuesday

I was gonna include this in my next edition of People Who Inspire, but I just couldn't.  This absolute jam needs a post all of its own!

I must say that since Emily King parted ways with the major label she was signed to, her music has gotten more and more amazing.  The musicianship and authenticity has deepened so much in my opinion, and you can feel that she expresses her truth through her music.  I love it.  Distance was release a couple of months ago, and this accompanying video is so great and inspiring.

I've been batting around a number of video ideas for my upcoming release, and this visual is perfect inspiration, ENJOY!