Yay London!

Happy New Year all!

I really do hope we have the best year yet, advancing from strength to strength in all things good and true.

What a fireworks display!  Such a jaw-dropping first 12 minutes of 2012.  I adore fireworks.  The colours, the speed, the grandeur.  I love the creativity and the way you don't know what's coming next, but at the same  time, in a well-put-together show, there is a distinct beginning, middle and end.

This display [and the crossing over into another year] led me to a moment of reflection, where I'm reminded that in the fullness of life I would like to be almost anything other than a firework.  A firework explodes into view at break neck speed, in scene stealing style, owning the show and absolutely dominating the space.  However it's startling entrance is just as dramatic as its permanent disappearance, after which it is replaced by a more exciting, albeit, fleeting other.

In this moment I'm reminded to consider carefully the foundations on which I build life, and to build slowly, purposefully and relentlessly.  I'm reminded to look away from all that might distract, and to at times look to the lives of those in the great cloud of witnesses who lived well, who endured to the end, who finished their race and left a mark worth leaving.  I don't imagine any among these were fireworks.

Yay London! Yay Fireworks!  You are for my eyes only.