I'm so happy to introduce the visuals for my single 'You're Beautiful', filmed by the phenomenally talented and effervescent The Rawkus.

I decided a while back that in keeping with the 'No Fear Here' theme of this record, I wanted to make as many brave decision with regards to this music as possible.

The decision for this video was a small and simple one, but brave and significant to me.  To strip off my cosmetic mask, commit the process to celluliod and send it out into the world wide web.

You see I never really face the world without the mask on.  At least a little bit of mascara and concealer and I'm good.  The world doesn't need to see the hideous mess I am without these cosmetic crutches of mine.  

And you don't even need to say it.  I know this is a lie.  No-one needs to be anything other than themselves, full face or makeup free.  

So this video, simple as it is, is me staring this little lie in the face and saying, 'I don't believe you anymore'.

How many lies are you knowingly living with?  If this video both entertains you and brings you a step closer to answering this question, then mission accomplished.

much love

bee x