Dear Life #1

So on a typically, ordinary day, I captured some thoughts into a little video.

These were the thoughts:

Dear Life #1

I've been thinking about creators and the beautiful gift it is to be someone who lives to create and share things.
We make things beautiful because we see beauty everywhere, in everything and everyone.

I've often thought it less important than other occupations, but what a lie. 

To create beauty out of the ordinary, colour from the grey, to breathe in air and out the substance of the world you've created on the inside, in a way that connects us to what's important, is a gift.

We see the beauty in the ashes and the treasure in the trash. We feel too much. Our highs often too high, and our lows too low. We often create from these extreme states, and our effort helps those who consume our work make better sense of their worlds. 

The beauty we release supernaturally outlasts our tenure on the earth as it leaves us, enters into the hearts of another, and becomes the beauty they breathe in and out. 

So hold your head high my weird and wonderful friends and peers. 

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

These were the visuals:


In other news, the 1st single from my debut album 'No Fear Here.' to be released on 7th March. 

Does that sound as trippy and surreal to you as it does me???

much love