New UK Music: Annastasia Baker - You Turn

I love love love new music, especially new UK music.  

It's especially fun to be a part of the creation process.  You make something, let go of it, time goes by, and somehow it's grown wings and become something even more beautiful. 

New UK Music from Annastasia Baker

The forthcoming album from Annastasia Baker has done just that. Last year I was asked to be a part of a small team to write the debut album for this X-Factor contestant and Time2Shine winner.  It was abit of a jump to go for it, as Ava was about nine months old, and I would have to bring her with me to the sessions. The team, old friends of mine, were fine with that, and it turned out that Ava was at the perfect age to come along. Not yet walking, happy to sit with me, absorb her surroundings and take frequent naps!  There's no way she could come along now! The toddler phase is real people, my girl needs constant attention and stimulation, and it would just be unfair to have her cooped up in a studio for hours on end.  Also writing Gospel music was another jump for me as I had never written music for this genre, but again the challenge was fun & rewarding.

So here's the first single 'Pass it On' from Annastasia's album, You Turn. The track is a fun, uplifting song about the cycle of love: giving love, receiving it, and giving it away again.   It features Joshua Rogers, who's vocal gymnastics are craaazy, and he really adds something special to the song, in my opinion.  


My favourite lyric :

Enveloped inside a hug

You can find the greatest love

Though it's not such a big thing to do

It's like the story of a mustard seed

Grows into a great big tree

You never know what love's gonna do


A cover of my song 'First Love' has also been included on the album, have a listen.

Like what you hear?  Pre-Order the album.