Bee's Boutique

So I've had this idea of having my own online store bubbling away in me for a few years now.

It was initially going to be a snood shop, filled with gorgeous chunky knit snoods that I'd lovingly knit by hand.  First problem, I'm not even a novice at knitting.  I'm below that, and secondly, it would take me years to make enough snoods to stock even then smallest shop.

When my daughter arrived I was going to sell little hair bows and hairbands, I even made ALOT of them, but, hmmm yeah, it didn't quite fit. 

Then I was going to open a store filled with lots of handmade goodies by small designers, mostly local designers to highlight and sell the work of incredibly talented, but little known creatives.  I had a logo designed, contacted the designers, looked into packaging, did alot of work and research, but the hmmm, again something didn't quite fit.  There are other stores who already do this, and do it really well.  Also I would have needed quite a large cash injection to really do this well, and that wouldn't be easy to come by.  So I sat on it for a little while longer.

Then my wonderful granny passed away.  My favourite person on earth.  She gave so so much in life, and even in death she remained true to form.  She left me a small but wonderful gift, and I really wanted to put it to good use and make her proud.  She loved my music and she rooted for me to succeed in life.  So I decided to use her gift in two areas.  Music and business.  

SO all that to say, I've now decided to open a tiny shop on my site.  Not a snood shop, or a baby accessories store, but a tiny little space where I share things that I've found that I genuinely LOVE, that I am more than proud to offer to you.  Each item means something to me, and are in my store for a good reason.  The products will be separated into Collections: The Skin Collection, The Thought Collection and The Love Collection...more on this soon.

It's been an amazing process.  I'm learning to not give up on a good idea, but allow it to evolve, and grow until it just feels right.  I'm learning how not to run ahead, but to sit down on the inside, and move on a thought or idea when it feels good and I'm not forcing it.  This doesn't mean it will all work out perfectly, but it does mean that the jumping off point will be from a place of perfect peace.  

So Bee's Boutique is on it's way.  Watch this space...