To Run With The Herd

Surrealist painting 'To Run With The Herd' by Octavio Ocampo

Today I was thinking.

In the cacophony of different sounds and ideas floating around in musicdom, everything can kind of sound 'same same but different'. As a musician you are often either imitating what you love or what you think works, or you are trying with all your might to go against the grain and be different. The thing is I haven't found either mode of creativity particularly inspiring or fruitful.

What to do.

Truth is I do want to be innovative and break new ground musically, but when that's my aim it all seems to get a bit weird.

Then I had a thought. (Not an original thought mind you. Loves me some irony.)

Just try to be me. Uniquely me. Writing lyrics that truly originate from my own thoughts and heart, creating melodies that spring from my own well.

Being impacted by outside influence is inevitable and I welcome it.

But creating that which honestly flows from ones own being is the way we will stand out if we so desire.

Because when it's all said and done, there's only one me.

And there's only one you.