Room For Squares

'They love to tell you "stay inside the line", but something's better on the other side.'

The discovery of this album precipitated a complete transformation of how I saw, heard, communicated with and ultimately made music.

Prior to this I was writing awful R'n'B songs, basically regurgitating the formulaic, paint-by-numbers club tunes I was surrounded by, hoping that what I was creating would eventually lead me to my very own, vague, 'career heaven'.

Picking up a guitar and then stumbling across this album changed everything.  At this time John Mayer represented someone who wrote songs about ordinary things in a way I'd never heard before.  Someone who seemed to have accessed a place of authenticity and had found a way of presenting this information in such a way that a complete stranger [me] could relate to, absorb, enjoy and maybe learn from.

That is what I wanted to do!  Vague career heaven summarily dismissed. Goal specificity accessed and identified. This was it.

This is still it.

And even though it's been about six years since I picked up a guitar, I still feel as though I'm at the beginning of this thing.  I kinda like that feeling.  Arriving is so overrated.  So fleeting.

Anyway thank you John.  It really is impossible difficult to know how something will change your life.  I know it sounds dramatic, but this album really did that.

I know it sounds annoying,presumptuous, & sanctimoniously sick-inducing but...

I really want to do this for someone else. (there I said it!)