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British/Jamaican/Nigerian singer-songwriter Bianca Rose has been writing and composing for the best part of a decade.  In 2007 she self- released her debut EP 'Truth and Tiny Tragedies', and has continued to collaborate and write songs for other artists ever since. Bianca’s live shows include sets for Sofar Sounds, Tigmus, London Jazz and One Taste Festivals, City Showcase, The Vortex and the CrimeJazz Festival in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. With additional performances for Playstation, OH TV, & radio play on Radio 1 and 1Xtra.  As lyricist in the Ready Riters song writing collective, Bianca recently co-wrote X-Factor contestant Anastasia Baker’s debut album, resulting in Annastasia’s 2014 Mobo nomination.

Bianca has decided that 2017 is the right time to focus on her own music again, and release some of the songs she's written over the last few years.

"I feel like my musical journey was in some ways interrupted by my own personal struggles, but I've grown so much since my initial forays, so when I started writing the songs for this album, I had so much to say."

Londoner Bianca's personal story forms the basis for this project, as she's fought and won some major battles with fear and doubt.  

"Most people write a bunch of songs and choose the best to then release into the world.  But these songs are literally the first songs I wrote after winning some major battles with fear. In some ways they're my initial, unfiltered musings on a somewhat dark period."

'No Fear Here', produced by critically acclaimed jazz musician and producer Femi Temowo [George Benson,Andrea Bocelli,Amy Winehouse,The Roots, ESKA & Soweto Kinch] is an uplifting discourse on a very particular snapshot in Bianca's recent history.

Musically, No Fear Here is an expansive interpretation of the singer songwriter genre, fusing Bianca’s folk/gospel sensibilities with both Bianca and Femi’s african diasporic perspectives.

"These songs are snippets of the lessons I've learned and am still learning. Some people believe that fear is something we should live with, or that we should use it as motivation to achieve our goals. From my experience, I believe it's something to be conquered and routed out of every area of our lives. I try to live on a daily mission to seek and destroy all traces of fear and oppression in my life.  It's the only way that's worked for me."



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"...an exceptional songwriter..."  - PRS for Music Foundation


“I’m very grateful to Bianca for the reminder that there are still people making the kind of music that can stop you for just a moment. The power of the song remains strong, and Bianca knows it. She effortlessly ascends into the pantheons that understand and retain the narrative more important than the cadence…In a market saturated with female singers that sing in tune but are unable to add any actual character to either the note or the word being sung, Bianca will stand out as a refreshing exception…” - Jazz Reloaded


Bianca's one of the most authentic artists I've ever met. The honesty of her music and vulnerability of her songs is reflected not only in her storytelling but also in the intricacies and control of her voice which is both disarming and captivating at once. Her music draws in the listener to 'feel' her journey and identify it with their own. - Safe Management


“Bianca is a wonderful voice and a great story teller through song.” – Music is Remedy


“…like all great soul, her music touches on something so pure its utterly intangible. So yes, there are musings on mortality and compassion, but really her music just is. Like a clear sky on summer’s day, we just enjoy it – it’s really not up for dissection. And that’s where I’ll stop trying to do the same to the sweet sounds of Ms Rose. “ - The Spot Blogspot


Bianca Rose's album, 'No Fear Here', is due for release Jan 2017